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Skoogs - Multi View

The Skoog enables children to experience and play musical sounds for themselves.  Designed specifically to meet the needs of anyone who cannot play a traditional musical instrument due to any combination of physical, mental or behavioural difficulties. The Skoog has been thoroughly road tested in special needs, music therapy and healthcare environments and has been widely praised, with highly positive feedback from staff and pupils alike. Read what people are saying.


And because it has been designed to work for those with the most challenging of circumstances, it works for everyone.  The Skoog can be fully customised and set up to meet the needs of every individual musician. It is suitable for MLD, SLD, PMLD, children with global delay, genetic conditions such as Down's Syndrome, sensory impairments, physical/mental problems, behavioural issues and those with autism.


Colourful and squeezable, the Skoog is robust and wipe clean.  Playable with any part of the body.  Suitable for all stages of the curriculum, from age 3 upwards.


pupil hillside skoog playing the skoogDueting on the Skoogpupil playing the skoog

Key Benefits:

  • Designed specifically for special needs and therapeutic music practice.
  • Helps develop musical expression and communication skills.
  • Ideal for promoting inclusive music in education.
  • Improves motor skills, coordination and control.
  • Supports sensory integration.
  • An excellent resource for multi-sensory learning and ICT.

The Skoog is already in use in special needs and mainstream schools, music therapy and healthcare centres across the UK and further afield.  The Skoog has an ability to deliver inclusive music provision, and can even establish connections with pupils who have very severe communication difficulties. 

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