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do I play?

You play the Skoog by physically interacting with it.  By pressing, squeezing, rubbing, stroking, tilting or manipulating the Skoog in different ways you can control the different instruments in the skoogmusic software.  You can change the sensitivity of the Skoog at the touch of a button to suit the abilities of a wide range of learners.  You can even customize the set up and save different user profiles.

The Skoog  - tactile music cube
new accessible musical instrument

It is Squeezable!

One of the Skoog’s main features is that it is soft. It is squeezable! This provides an engaging tactile experience for all users.  And it's how you squeeze, press, roll, twist or wobble it that controls the sound you make on a particular instrument setting. 

5 Colour coded sides

 The Skoog has 5 touch sensitive, colour coded surfaces giving you the ability to play and control 5 different notes at a time.  The software makes use of this colour coding to make the it easy to navigate and control.  And its not just the couloured buttons that are sensitive but the whole surface. So you can tweak a corner or tickle a side.


Skoog from above - 5 colour coded sides
skoog accessible music technology

Choose your Own notes

Each instrument automatically loads a set of any 5 preset notes. You can adjust the key (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)  octave (from low to high) and select major or minor pentatonic scale modes, or choose your own scale.  By selecting 'user defined' you can choose notes individually and assign them to a particular surface. This allows you to create and compose your own melodies or perform some classic tunes. 

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