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The Beatles Project

Maggie and freelance musician, Colin James Murphy, had great fun working with the pupils at Maxwelltown High School earlier in 2014. Armed with 4 Skoogs, they gave a crash course on ensemble playing and helped them record their very own covers of two classics by the Beatles. This Beatles Pack contains all the materials that were used in this project, so that you can form your own Skoog band! Also included are a project report and the tracks by the Maxwelltown High pupils.


Chvrches Pack

A selection of songs by the Scottish electro-pop group, Chvrches.


Kantele Pack

A collection of classic Kantele pieces - on Skoog!


Gregory Isaacs Pack

6 songs by reggae legend Gregory Isaacs, selected from album 'Cool Ruler'


Hall & Oates Pack

Note files and Skores for 6 Hall & Oates classics


Learning Traditional Notation

Here's one for the advanced Skoogists - learn to read traditional notation on the Skoog with Stravinsky's 'Les Cinq Doigts'!


Carnival of the Animals Pack

Notes, Skores, and samples for this suite by Saint-Saëns


Neil Diamond Pack

Note files and Skores for 4 Neil Diamond classics


Music Therapist Greatest Hits

Backing track, note files, and Skores for 10 classic favourites


Pop Pack

23 pop hits in one easy-to-use pack - from Ben E King to One Direction. Notes file and a PDF Skore included for each song; instruction manual also included.


Transcriptions and Notes

Notes and Skores to get you started with some classic tunes on the Skoog.

Just drag the notes files into your Skoog, follow the colours on the Skore and you'll be playing along to your favourite songs on the Skoog in no time at all.