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Starter Pack

250+ samples to get you started. Pack includes: sample sets, vocal samples, backing loops, drums, animal and nature sounds and much, much more.


Female Singer

100+ Female vocal samples, covering all pitches within the range of C4 to Bb5, singing a selection a syllables/words, with and without vibrato.


Nature Sounds

8 Africa-inspired samples and 23 water sounds - download and drag onto the Skoog to create some beautiful nature-inspired soundscapes.


Female Voice Sample Sets

A pack of 3 sample set folders of female vocal samples in the key of C major. Just drag one of the folders onto the colour panel on the Sampling Tab.


Sample Packs

Samples to load on to your Skoog.

To put samples on all sides of your Skoog, simply drag the unzipped "Sample Set" folder onto any of the coloured panels on the Sampling tab of your Skoog.

You can also drag samples onto the Skoog, one side at a time.