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A fun lesson based on the Disney film 'Pinocchio'. Through the viewing of the film, we explore the importance of film soundtrack, and create our very own Pinocchio soundtrack on the Skoog. Speciallly taliored for students doing Key Stage 2 Music, but also suitable to children aged 5 and above. 



A Halloween themed lesson plan to create a musical piece with samples, sound effects, and the Skoog's instrumental voices.


Playtime for the Penguins

A penguin themed lesson plan for using the Skoog in the classroom; based on the song 'Playtime for the Penguins' from the album 'Down at the Zoo' by Mick Cooke.


Morse Code

A World War II themed lesson about Morse Code - creative way to work on rhythmic accuracy and music notation reading. Suitable for Nursery to Primary 4.


Lesson Plans

There are so many ways to use the Skoog in the classroom and it doesn't stop with music! The Skoog is the ideal cross-curricular tool and can be used to liven up lessons on any topic, from Early Years to KS4 and beyond.

Here, we've gathered together a selection of lesson plan ideas to get you going - there are even some fun ideas to try out with your Skoog at home.