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Guide to Skoog Success in Making Music with Autistic Kids

ASD music specialist, Dr John Biddulph, shares some great tips on engaging in music sessions with autistic clients.


Skoog Introductory Course

An introductory course written by experienced Skoog teacher Lewis Forbes to take you through all the basics for any students new to the Skoog.


Guide to Skoog Success in Physical and Occupational Therapy

10 great ideas to help you to get the most out of your sessions and make sure you achieve your therapeutic goals!


Arranging Music for the Skoog

Tips and guide to arranging music for the Skoog


Skoog Flash Cards

Skoog circles for use in print outs


Notes on Pentatonic Scales

Find out more about pentatonic scales


Pentatonic Key Chart

This will help you find out which pentatonic scale will go well with your backing track.


MIDI Percussion Map

Map for the MIDI percussion channel in the software



Miscellaneous resources to help you get the most out of your Skoog. Whether you need help using MIDI percussion, or need more information on using pentatonics, we hope you'll find these guides helpful.